March Air Force Base

There is this Air Force Museum near Hemmet that I've passed quite often, but never had the pleasure of visiting. So on one sunny winter day we dunked the kids in the minivan and made the trek to March Air Force Base. It's still a fully functioning air force base with the museum part on the side.I figured the kids (especially the older ones) would get a kick out of all the different kinds of planes (they even have a Blackbird!!). And they did enjoy them. Until they noticed the puddles. Enormous puddles running over 50 feet long. And being the wonderful parents we are, we let them do their thing. For quite a while actually. And honestly this is the type of photography I love. In 20 years, when I'm even balder than I am now, I'll be pulling these off the shelf (yes, I actually print photos) to remember what my family was like at that stage. Pretty shots in parks are fun. And I get them, I really do. But it's the documentary photos of interactions, fun, disobedience and fun that really makes me love what I do. I was also my first time shooting Kodak Ekar (I used a mix of Ektar and Portra). The color on that stuff is astounding! Enjoy.

20120131-174430.jpg 20120131-174445.jpg 20120131-174457.jpg 20120131-174520.jpg 20120131-174507.jpg 20120131-174529.jpg 20120131-174544.jpg 20120131-174558.jpg 20120131-174612.jpg 20120131-174621.jpg