Light 'er up!

A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness

There's a debate that dates back to the golden age of Jewish philosophy (and probably even further) of whether darkness is a creation or just the lack of light. But all agree that we are capable (and therefore obligated) to fill the world with as much light as possible.

So light 'er up baby!

In light of the above (shoot me now) here's what our Chanukah looked like (actually ours was in color).


photo-22.jpg photo-25.jpg photo-1-4.jpg photo-4-3.jpg photo-2-3.jpg photo-3-3.jpg photo-1-3.jpg photo-24.jpg photo-23.jpg photo-16.jpg photo-15.jpg photo-18.jpg photo-17.jpg photo-2-4.jpg photo-19.jpg photo-14.jpg photo-13.jpg photo-12.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-21.jpg photo-20.jpg photo-7.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-9.jpg photo-8.jpg photo-1.jpg photo-11.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-2-2.jpg photo-3-2.jpg photo-27.jpg photo-36.jpg photo-32.jpg photo-33.jpgphoto-30.jpg photo-31.jpg photo-35.jpg photo-28.jpg photo-34.jpg photo-29.jpg