Zevi's Upshernish Invitation

Zevi's Invitation This was way too much fun to design. No clients' wacky idea of what a good design, no limits, no boardroom decisions. Just me, my laptop, Photoshop and some fun pictures to deal with (and my wife to edit it).

The picture isn't perfect (shutter speed was too slow, didn't know much about that stuff yet), But it totally does the job.

I actually got the idea from my upshernish invitation some 38 years ago (that was a joke). It was a picture of me with some verbiage also to the effect of "I want to look like a boy already". When I find a copy I'll post it here. I guess the quacky ideas run in the family. (I didn't just figure that out now).

We had a very small event, only family and such, so most people never had the pleasure of feasting their eyes on this lovely piece of art. So I am posting it here for Cyber-eternity (until my server dies, or is blownup, or hacked by some Russian kid, or censored by the Internet-police, or until 2012 (we all know what's gonna happen then, don't we).

I intend to post some designs I've worked on/am working on/will work on(?) every once in a while, so this is going to be first of many (with the help of g-d).

Once upon a time, when I first tried out blogging, I had quite a funny blog going on. Somehow my writing style has lapsed into boring/insipid territory, so I'm hoping it will improve with practice. We'll see.

Until then:

This is soon to be world famous Zalmy Berkowitz, adding to the millions of boring bloggers out there, daily (weekly/monthly). Over and out.