SGI Summer Fest

According to the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge, animals are divided into

those that belong to the Emperor, embalmed ones, those that are trained, suckling pigs, mermaids, fabulous ones, stray dogs, those included in the present classification, those that tremble as if they were mad, innumerable ones, those drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, others, those that have just broken a flower vase, those that from a long way off look like flies.

I'm in awe.

In love.

Oh how I would love to have met the author of this arcane work. Alas he is long dead and embalmed. If he ever existed in the first place.

I discovered this remarkable work in the opening pages of a so-far brilliant book on photographs and photographers who photographed them (two nouns and a verb, I like the sound of that, maybe I'll make into a movie of sorts). The book is called The Ongoing Moment by Geoff Dyer (who by his own admission does not even own a camera, and who also wrote a book titled Yoga For People Who Cant Be Bothered To Do It). When I'm through with it I'll update y'all with a slightly more informative book report.

This past Thursday I photographed the summer festival at Silver Gan Israel. So far I've attended the camp as a camper for 9 years, counselor for 3, learning director (actually that was part of the counselor job), and now as a photographer. All were fun, though the counselor years were definitely the most fun (this may be due to the fact that I hardly remember the years as a camper other than jumping off the roof on a Shabbaton when all the staff were sleeping, watching sunrise and sleeping through the rest).

The kids performed (I hated that part as a counselor, I think we tried it the first year and then just let the girls have the stage all to themselves and their dances), we ate, and then there was this dunking show (which was neater than I thought it would be, which usually happens).

On to the visuals (all taken on my newish 24-70, which I'm still working on mastering, will let you know what i think of it soon. So far all I can tell you is that it focuses faster than Michael Johnson can run a foot):


This kid has the coolest blond hair. I was trying all day to snap some shots of him, and he kept running away.

Some Food Love

I love kid-eating-pics.

Soem Ketchup Love

Gimme some of that ketchup love.


No, mom. I will not sing, I will not dance, I will not look at the crowd. In fact I'll just look at that really interesting wall back there.


Another eating shot.


Alon's Kids. Cute as anything.


No, there was not trampoline there. No really. Really.


Wonder where he gets his eyes from.

Now for some Monochromes:

$$$ Hat

Excuse me young sir, how much did that hat cost?


Nice backlit kids playing laser tag.


I'm not exactly sure what he's screaming at but it must be pretty intense.


Priviet. Roma and Esther.