Henna, take two

As I promised my loyal readers (all two of you) here is the second installment of the Henna pics. DSC_9812.jpg

The background of this one was way too busy. After trying to clean it up I gave up and just cut them out (and made the background bigger because I could, the background being black and all). Looking at it now, I think I'll put in some stars and make it look a bit more real. I'll keep you (yes, you two) updated on how that is coming along.




Um, yeah, that would be Ron. He doesn't always dress like that.


David and his papa (in French).


I think everyone is looking at different cameras.

And some color (yes I also carry color film):


For the record I also have dimples. They're just slightly, umm, hidden sometimes.



Mmmmm, Rolling Rock.




Yes Mr. Picasso, that is a head coming out of his head.


My #1 fan


Carol's #1 fan

Yeah, I know I know they're completely out of order and there is absolutely no (I'm trying to think of another word for order, but I'm too lazy to go to thesaurus.com to find one) whatsoever. Tough. Live with it. Artists are not meant to be understood (that is a joke. I do not consider myself to be an artist, nor do I randomize under the cloak of depth (wow, that actually sounded pretty good)).

On another note, I went to the dentist today and my mouth hurts. It's a good thing I'm not typing with my teeth (though that is something I'd like to learn to do).

Until next time: Dasvedania, Paul Revere.

Disclaimer: I am way too tired to edit this thing, so if my spelling/grammar seem a bit off, please circle the mistakes in red and fax them back to me @ 492-882-081-438-9899910628-7719 ext. 41. Thanks.