My heart, my soul, my money

Starting with a blank sheet of pearly white paper. The kind with that lovely sort of linen texture. Eagerly awaiting those first few drops of dark, rich ink. Absorbing them, becoming one, inseparable. Together becoming so much more than each could become by their lonesome selves.

The tangible beginning, the physical binding. It starts slow, maybe a bit hesitantly, almost fearful. And then it starts coming, quick, almost too quick, as if this newly opened channel of thoughts would close as quickly as it opened. The ideas coursing through your body, down your arm, as your hand scribbles furiously to keep up; you watch amazed, detached, as this ink and paper combination, somehow, magically, become a physical embodiment of your thoughts, your emotions, of you.

And you keep on writing, knowing, even if not understanding, that the physical act of touching your ink to paper, sparked this clarity of thought, allowing you to know yourself in ways you never knew you could.

I can’t say I know Yossi and Tal very well. What I do know, is that I get a wonderful feeling when I think about them. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and impressions about people, and there’s a simplicity and calmness about these two that I really respect.

I don’t know who's the ink and who’s the paper (though the color of their dress seems to give it away). Nor am I sure if the spontaneous analogy has any bearing in reality. What I am sure of is that whatever awesomeness each one has, when it is combined with the other’s, something special will happen.

I expect great things from you two!

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