Up North and Black Again (again. This time with a 24mm.)

Every few months I travel up to Northern California for a Kosher cheese run at Rumiano's in Crescent City. It's around 6 hours North of San Fransisco. I usually fly (as I did this time) which doesn't allow me to bring my tripod (unless I shell out $50 bucks, which I'm not willing to do). Crazy airlines. What's even crazier is their carry-on policy. Anything checked costs $25 each way. If your carry-on is too big, they allow you to take it through security and on the tarmac they check it underneath for free. My luggage went underneath but they didn't charge because I "carried it on" to the tarmac. The only loss is the no liquid rule. (They stole my PB + J!!)

The airplane flys into Arcada Airport near Eureka, I rent a car and drive an hour and a half north through the redwoods to Crescent City. On the way theres this tiny town called Trinidad which has the most awesome supermarket. They have a larger selection of organic and healthy food than most health food stores in SoCal (Whole Foods included!). Being as the only food I had was a loaf of homemade sourdough bread (thank you Estee) and some cheese, I filled up on greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mushrooms, olives, mustard, sesame oil, some (real) soy sauce, a six pack of this awesome beer (forgot the name), and a metal bowl (for the salad). I'm into my food. Added some feta cheese when I got to my motel and voila - a ridiculously amazing salad.

After the supermarket raid, I made my way down to the beach there to dunk my newly purchased bowl in the world's biggest mikvah. Commited dunkage, took a bunch of fotos (way too many wide open at f/1.4. Because I could.), picked up a hitchhiker (he was a student from Albany, and he hitchhiked from Atlanta. He was aiming for Bend, Oregon.) and made my way to my motel to prepare my feast.

I don't take nearly enough non-people pictures. It's nice to be able to take time (to some extent) to compose (a tripod would have really helped). I need to train myself to slow down.

The weather was pretty bleak so the processing kind of reflects my mood then.

For the record, the sign by the elevator reads: "WARNING Please be advised the parking elevator will not operate during a power blackout. Consequently, because we are unsure when a blackout may occur, we suggest that you use the stairs to avoid entrapment."


The two photos before were shot wide open at 1.4. How cool is that (if you care about such things)?