Texas Hold Em'

Pretty in B&W First official photoshoot (occurred a few weeks ago). I walked around the park like 3 times, scouting out the best "open shade". Never found any. But we did move around bit, hanging out under the trees, getting some fun sunny shots, hanging out by the lake, good times. It helped that the fam I was shooting had mucho patience and the kid was ultra cute (you should hear her vernacular!).

She picked these flowers and paraded all around with them, couldn't have been more perfect.

see dem flowers

But then, the figurative skies darkened and imaginary rain began to pour.

I had an epiphany: My camera could not autofocus on any of the outer focus points to save its life. I threatened to drown it, choke it, burn it, blend it, all to no avail. So I was left with quite a bit of beautiful out of focus pics (and some in focus ones thank gosh). And so started my search for the lean, mean, spot on focusing machine (which I wouldn't have to mortgage my apartment for, which I can't because I'm renting and my landlord would blow a fit).

I am proud to proclaim my victory over darkness: the Nikon D700 (thank you Mr. Szental for your wonderful help in the matter).

"But you are heavily invested in Canon?!" exclaims my dismayed (imaginary) reader.

No I'm not, silly. 3 lenses and a flash does not a heavy investor make. To the market they must go. Although I shall miss my first love with photography, I have to move on to greener and in-focus pastures. Out with you, my beloved 100mm f/2.8 Macro, the junk blurring, 50mm f/1.8 and you shoddy wimp of a lens you 18-55mm aperture changing piece of garbage. Off to the trading market with you all. Goodbye to my Canon Rebel T1 and all of its 18megabytes. Marvin K. Mooney, the time is now.