Reading Stories & Telling Stories

I posted a while back how pictures do not have to live on their own. Joined together they create storylines, plots, and tales. As a photographer (or as someone who just takes pictures), telling a story should be the point. Wether (how do you spell that, my mind is drawing a blank. On my dictionary its telling me its spelled right but means a "castrated ram". ) its the story of children making cookies or a child reading a book, when you are photographing the scene have in mind what you want to be part of the story.

Zevi was reading some books to himself (it's quite funny how he does so), and I wanted to capture it in a series. I tried to make each photo tell a different aspect, and to that each one should add something to the mix.

It took a lot of whittling down (with some help from some kindly folks on the forums), and here is the end result.

I'd really like to do this sort of thing for clients. Just tag along on an excursion (or even at their house) and just tell the story of their everyday, mundane (yet delightful) world.

On another note these Beautrix Potter books are wonderful. The language it uses is just magnificent.

"...and 'ticed him to eat quantities"

"No breadth at all, and cut on the cross; it is no breadth at all; tippets for mice and ribbons for mobs! for mice!"

Ah, the good old days.

Reading Beautrix Potter