Aron + Dani = ?

A long time ago, In a place not too far away (from me at least), there lived a young dork. His name was Zalmy Berkowitz. He wore oversized sweaters and tucked his pants into his sneakers (so everyone could see the "pump"). He was also a lot cuter than the adult version (and he actually had a chin!). He had two very good friends. One of them, David Goldblatt, lived close by in good 'ole Huntington Beach, so they ended up spending quite a bit of time together.

Fast forward a decade or two and his younger brother is engaged!! Woopee!! So his dad ("Uncle Ken"), being a big "chassid" of my photography (his words, not mine) asked me to document the "vort" (engagement party).

It seems like I'm doing quite a bit of these nighttime events, I should probably learn how to do them properly (i.e. off camera flash). But then I'd have to charge more :) (just kidding).

And with a bit more ado, here are the photos:

storyboard-comp-1.jpg storyboard-comp-2.jpg storyboard-comp-3.jpg storyboard-comp-4.jpg storyboard-comp-5.jpg storyboard-comp-6.jpg storyboard-comp-7.jpg storyboard-comp-8.jpg storyboard-comp-9.jpg storyboard-comp-10.jpg

And for some film (note: this was my first time using film at an event, and I was working quicker than I'm used to. Hence all the misunderexposures.)

storyboard-3.jpg storyboard-comp-11.jpg storyboard-comp-12.jpg

Peace. Love. Harmony. & Coffee.