@ The Cow Farm

DSC_0449 Had loads of fun taking pics at the cow farm. Tramped around with my tripod and had some fun self portraits.





DSC_0358 (that's would be me as reflected in my wonderfully portable 27" iMac)

And a nice low light pic (taken at f/2.8, iso 1400 (my Rebel would quake at such numbers, the D700? Bring it on!) didn't have my 50mm f/1.4 yet).


And some random cow-farmy pics:



And finally, a cow.

_DSC0692 Mmmmm tongue (do you think cows like how their tongue tastes, maybe if you feed them enough pickle juice or something).

Now, lest you be under a wrong impression, I do not spend all my time time at the farm taking odd pics. Rather I have a very rigid schedule, composed of time-wasting, graphic design, truck checking, cow inspecting, book reading, iBook reading (yes I have an iPad, more on that some other time), learning, sealing, sleeping, cooking, eating, coffee-making, amongst other things.

Happy cow thoughts.