Photo Shoot @ Heritage Park in Cerritos

DSC_4844 Recently I had the privilege of taking pics for a wonderful family here that is leaving town (on to greener pastures in Cleveland).

Heritage Park is this awesome park in Cerritos with an island, some gnarly old looking facades and a fun playground or two (I can't believe that I a just discovering this place after almost living here for four years).

I scouted out the place in advance and made sure the sun wouldn't be peeking out for a while (miscalculated a bit).

Turns out the island park doesn't open until 10:00 and I had set this up to start at 9:00. So I called and pushed off the shooting until 9:30.

Turns out the sun came up earlier than expected (around 10:15) and most of the pics after that were shot (pun intended).

Moral of the story: Lighting is better than location.

Also I have to remember to change my setting when shooting kids running around (i.e. tell my camera to try to track the kids running around).

Other than that the pics came out great and the kids were loads of fun (my kids on the other hand came cranky as DMV workers).



DSC_4725 (should have shot this one with a longer lens)


I love brick walls.