Childhood Unplugged. September Edition.

So somehow it has come to pass, in the year two thousand and fifteen, towards the end of the ninth month, that I, Zalmy Berkowitz, have been drafted into the worldwide denomination of "unpluggers". What are these unpluggers you ask? Wonderful question. 

Unbeknownst to all ye proles (of which I was one of just one short month ago), or maybe beknownst, there is a nefarious group of mom and dads (mostly moms, which is why I need to grow my beard extra long), who, through the use of their photon-capturing devices, plan separate, using force if necessary, a child from the screen.

(Pause. Stop. If you are interested in some rocking family photos and you haven't seen my new documentary session offering, please do so now. no seriously. now. Click. Here. And Here.)

Yes, it is horrible, the thought of a child separate from his computer, device, tv, or wii. The sheer terror!

Be it as it may (whatever that means), I'm totally on board. I mean we do it too often, when things get tough, we dump the kids in front of some sort of mesmerizing hypnotic machine. But we really do try to minimize that dumpage. Until hopefully we eradicate it completely. Kids separate from screens come alive. Their imaginations run free with their own fantasies instead of this co-script from some sort of show. They slow down, have more patience, and learn about the actual world. Like you know the real one. With air and stuff. 

Part of my draftification is posting a monthly post of my childhood unplugged images. So here you go!

For more on this awesome project see the instagram account and their website,

Starting with a few (okay maybe more than a few) from our trip from Idyllwild (the highlight of which was finding a treasure trove of beer bottles for recycling)...

And then some in and around, you know. Then a few from a trip to my sister's house for a new Torah celebration (that deserves a blog post of its own), followed by some Kosher Ice Cream in LA, some readage, and finally some minecraft studyage with uncle. Wait, what minecraft?! yeah. shut up, I ain't perfect. Yet. 

Oh, and one from the beach. What's interesting (for me) is that this photo reminds me not so much of this instance, but of the fact that this wa re-enacted a few minutes later but with a whole bunch of birds flying around. I was going to get my phone again (this wa taken with an iphone) but I had already decided that I wasn't going to take any more photos. So I didn't. And I was very proud of myself for that. You know, trying the whole Adulthood Unplugged thing myself :)