Little Purple Fishes (aka little white kids)

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You have coffee in your system. (Thank you Dr. Seuss.) In this wonderful scenario, you is me. (Me is also who, but thats another story.) And the protagonist in this story is on a caffeine induced, drive-by shooting of fairly large proportions. This is a good thing. However whenever these trips come around I do miss my wife and kids. So whatever sleep I do get is filled with kids and parks and bikes and water bottles. Sun and shadows and film and stuff. With a side of chicken.

It went like this: (Insert sound effect here)

storyboard-116.jpg storyboard-117.jpg storyboard-118.jpg storyboard-119.jpg storyboard-120.jpg storyboard-121.jpg storyboard-122.jpg storyboard-123.jpg storyboard-124.jpg storyboard-125.jpg storyboard-126.jpg storyboard-127.jpg storyboard-128.jpg storyboard-129.jpg storyboard-130.jpg storyboard-131.jpg storyboard-132.jpg storyboard-133.jpg storyboard-134.jpg storyboard-135.jpg storyboard-136.jpg storyboard-151.jpg storyboard-152.jpg storyboard-153.jpg storyboard-154.jpg storyboard-155.jpg storyboard-156.jpg

Good things are coming (always). So stay tuned!