Quickshoot Date + info. Get onboard!

We here at Zalmy Berkowitz Photography ("we" being me, my beer, and my delicious cheese sandwich (which deserves a post of its own)) are very excited to announce our very first Quickshoot. Also known as "Hot Shots", "Portrait Marathon", "Family Photos by Friendly Folks", "Family Portrait Day", "Super Deluxe Supreme Photos" and other corny names, a Quickshoot is a great way to procure (as if anyone is anticure) some great family photos at a great price. Here's the lowdown:

On Wednesday, April 11th (chol Ha'Moed) we are going to be setting up shop at a park in Irvine. From 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Each family gets 20 minutes of shooting time, the main focus to get a really awesome family photo and any remaining time could be utilized for other groupings (siblings only etc.).

The cost is $100 per family (up to 10 people, each additional person will be $10). That includes the shoot, 1 - 8x10 print, and a 1 month online gallery.

For more info or to book a spot shoot me an email, call me, facebook me, or send me a telegraph. Please specify family size, and a preference for morning or afternoon, which I will try to accommodate.

Spots are obviously limited so book now. Void where prohibited. Subject to availability.

Since this is a photography blog I figured I'd show some completely unrelated photos. These are of my wonderful family taken with my new monster camera (I'm still looking for a better name).