Mountains, Clouds, and 40 Years of Awesomeness

Driving to Temecula is a bit challenging. The drive is quite a beautiful one, with views ranging from rolling hills to towering mountains. The thing is my kids are currently obsessed with mountains and hills and which are which and the fine line between them (my kids don't understand grey areas). And Mendel doesn;t really know what we're talking about but he has to join in the questions. Chanale: "Look!! A mountain"

Zevi: "No, that's a hill. Right tatty?"

Me: "Grunt. Well actually..."

Mendel (looking at a cloud): "Look!! A mountain!"

Zevi: "Mendel's not letting me talk!"

Zusha: "hjdanerqo vfnqemqqp vneirmw?" (loosely translated: "Is it edible?")

And that goes on for an hour and a half. It's funny if you're awake, exhausting if you're not. But it's always good memories...

My brother in law, the Esteemed Chief Rabbi of Greater Temecula and Environs, and Overall a Pretty Darn Good Guy, was having his 40th birthday party. So inbetween eating, talking, and taking care of my mountain watchers, I used the event as an opportunity to try out some new film and work on some stuff (namely making an event where nothing really happens look interesting. Not that it wasn't, but the interest was mainly the good conversations and such. I also tried to stop down my lens as much as the light allowed).

Thanks for looking.

photo-31.jpg photo-32.jpg photo-33.jpg photo-30.jpg photo-29.jpg photo-27.jpg photo-11.jpg photo-26.jpg photo-25.jpg photo-17.jpg photo-18.jpg photo-19.jpg photo-20.jpg photo-15.jpg photo-1.jpg photo-16.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-13.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-1.jpg photo-8.jpg photo-9.jpg photo-10.jpg photo-23.jpg photo-24.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-1-2.jpg

Geek talk: I shot this all on my Nikon F4 and 28mm. Delta 400 (pushed to 1600) and stopped down as much as the light allowed (generally between f/5.6 and f/8).