Holga Fun

This past Sunday I had a booth at the Israel Expo in Irvine, this big annual bash celebrating all things Israeli. It's been going on forever (I remember, as a kid, manning the hamburger booth my synagogue used to have there). Recently they've added a "Simcha" section, where all type of event vendors can strut their stuff and people could check out their options.

There were around ten other photographers there, and thanks to my wife we had a really unique booth. Cool people were met, people with good taste were wowed, people with bad taste walked on, brochures were given out (I'll post them soon), and good times were had by most.

I shot a few polaroids (which I gave away) and some more with my new fancy Holga. Which I'm pretty sure I screwed up on. You see a Holga is a dinky little medium format camera with a fixed lens, one shutter speed, two apertures, and approximate focussing. You also have a choice of square or rectangle photos. And while I thought I was shooting square, it turns out that the whole time it was on the rectangular setting. So not only were my compositions all off, I also lost 4 photos per roll. And that is plain evil. Focussing is approximate, and for the most part I either missed focus or forgot to focus entirely (I'll get used to it).

One sun roasted polaroid of our booth coming right up. (I'll have the Holga shots developed in a few weeks or so.). It looked a lot better in real life :)


Here a some from my first few rolls with the Holga. Yeah, pretend those are square. And in focus.

storyboard-72.jpg storyboard-73sd.jpg storyboard-73.jpg storyboard-74.jpg storyboard-75.jpg storyboard-76.jpg storyboard-77.jpg storyboard-78.jpg storyboard-79.jpg