Burn ye Leaven

Doing our part to end hunger in Cambodia we spent the morning chucking all the remaining chometz (anything leavened, ie. grain+water+time) into the burning trash can. It's the original burning man festival. Just in a can. Zevi: "Why isn't the trash can burning?"

Me: "It's metal."

"Metal can't burn?"

"No, but it can melt in a very, very hot fire"

"Like the sun?"

"Yes, like the sun Zevi."

Mendel: "I want to play iPad."

Zevi: "Let's throw this into the sun."

"The sun is too far, Zevi, that's why it looks so small."

Chanaleh: "Like on an airplane?"

"Kind of..."

Zevi: "does Savta live on the sun"

Me: "Nope, she lives in Israel, but it does get pretty hot there."

Zevi: "How hot, like a billion hot?"

Me (getting hot, hungry and tired): "Exactly"

"Does metal burn in Israel?"


the above dialogue may or not have happened.

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I am now officially ending my second and final foray into Walmart developing. Though I still have some more to post. Adieu to Walmart and your little electric cars that I so badly want to try out. Peace, and as they say "waist not, want not".