Moishe's Upshernish Invitation

A few weeks ago I went to Central Park with my brother Yossi and his son Moishe to take some pics for his Upshernish Initation. 'Twas fun as always but the sun came out earlier than expected (it keeps on doing that, maybe I should change my expectations), and he kept on chucking his yarmulkah (which is cute for pics but not for the invitation). So here's the final invitation:

Upshernish Invitation

And here are some of the shots we took there.


How'd you like that spiffy new gallery?

Now my only issue is what category do I put this posting in? If I put it in design then peeps looking for photography won't find it. If I put it in photography... If I put it in both then the thumbnail will be in two places on the homepage. Life is so tough.