Old Friends

Many years ago, in another incarnation, I was a diehard camp counselor. Back in those sunny Southern California summers in Silver Gan Israel, I breathed, lived, swam and slept camp (although not so much of the latter). One thing I wish I had done a lot more of is keeping in touch with the campers during the rest of the year. We had a really awesome time in the summer, had some great conversations about yiddishkeit, G-d, life, and other goodies, but after the summer I didn't keep it up enough. I sent card and called every once in a while, but I definitely could have done more.

One kid I did keep in touch with (to a certain extant) was a boy by the name of Daniel Calick (I got to start ditching this sentence structure, I could have just written "I did keep in touch with Daniel Calick" or something simple like that. What's with all the posturing? Sheesh). Smart kid, funny (with an odd habit of mixing his food groups a bit too much), and really interested in all things Jewish.

So when I needed to scout out the parks in the area (for some wedding shots that were going to happen, and have since), I gave Daniel a call. He obligingly obliged.

And the pics:

First few were in the Butterfly park off of Graham.




Next bunch were in Central Park (the other park wasn't that great for the shots I had in mind).


One of my old hiding places



I actually added some grain to this one (not very visible in the small size), I'm really liking this black and white thing.






Anyway, I ended up shooting the wedding formals in central park, twas more green and shady. And more central. Way more central. In fact if you would walk ten miles in each direction, Central park would be exactly in the center. Pretty neat.