Rapaports @ Central Park (another pre Upshernish Shoot)

It's been a while since my last posting. Shame on me. This past Sunday I had the priviledge of doing a photo shoot with the Rapaport family (well most of them) at Huntington Beach Central Park (actually it's the park behind the library which is not technically Central Park but it kind of stole the title from the park across the street).

We scheduled it for a bit before sunset (finally, convinced someone to shoot when the light was good instead of when was convenient. I'll never get it. Someone spends big bucks to do a photoshoot, but chooses some wacky time when the lighting is horrible and the pics just don't come out as good as they should have), and it really paid off. Definitely my best shoot yet.

Funny thing is (not ha ha funny, just funny), I'm in middle of revamping my lens lineup (more on that another time), I sold both of my portrait lens, and am expecting one any day to be delivered, but in the meantime I was stuck. So I quickly bought this old manual focus Nikon 180mm f/2.8 lens (Nikon's first lens with special ED glass). Normally I wouldn't do a shoot with a lens (and a focal length!) I'm not used to, however this time it turned out beautifully. Yes I missed a few shots I normally would have gotten, but overall I hit a lot more than I expected (I wonder why I think anyone cares about this stuff).

Mainly this was a shoot for Meyer's Upshernish, hence the lack of extraneous Rapaports. Hopefully we could do this again with the whole fam...

Anyways, on to the pictures. I'm not going to post all of them, if you want to see more, check out my flickr page (click on any of the pics, they should take you there, if they don't, your browser's sick and should see a doctor):


Actually this was taken with the 50mm, the rest were with the 180 (isn't that interesting).


Love his hair. Many are going to miss it. They'll survive.


These Rapaport kids are a photographers dream. They all have these awesome eyes... and cute smiles (unless you ask them to smile, then it gets dorky)

DSC_7309 - Version 2.jpg




I almost nailed the focus on this one, good enough to print. Thats manual focus for you (autofocus isn't much good for subjects running toward or away from you anyway).




And then we saw the light...




Yup. (All those white dots are bugs...)



Wonder how often this happens.








Okay, that was definitely more than I expected to post, but I just can't hold myself back. Until next time...