It's been a while (I feel like it's always been a while). Thank God I've been quite busy these last few weeks and haven't been blogging as much as my psychiatrist says I should. Parenthetically (I figure I use parenthesis a bit too much, so if I just write "parenthetically" I could cheat a bit) I saw a Psychic Reading shop going-out-of-business sign. Shouldn't she have known that it wouldn't work? (Why do I assume it was a she?)

The point being I had a wonderful shoot a few weeks back with the Engel family (the Sender branch) @ Heritage Park in Cerritos. I finally got to use my gigantic 300mm f/2.8 ai-s lens! (for those who do not read camera tongue, that means: very large, heavy, long, manual focussing lens). Used it for some group shots to get everyone in focus and still have the background mushy like I like it (unlike cold cereal , which theoretically, if I would eat cold cereal, must be crisp).

The kids had some fun and even listened a bit! Yes it's a Chanukah miracle (which happened a month or so before chanukah).

Without further blabbage, here are some of my favorites: DSC_0770.jpg



Hello?! Could the photographer please attempt at getting both eyes in focus? Sheesh. (I actually copied the right eye on top of the left eye to make it a bit sharper)



All he's missing is a bottle of Vodka and some herring


I love how they're all looking in different directions




Psssst. I'll let you sit in the front if you hand over that lollipop.

the Engels

Behold the handiwork of the ridiculous large one (the lens, not the photographer)


the little guy finally stood still!

I actually bribed him to stand still for a bit while I manually focused @ f/1.2 (in regular people talk, that means: very very hard to do)

Now I have to email my psychologist (he got demoted since the beginning of this post) and tell him not to worry, his patient is healthy and has not thrown a glass bowl in over 3 days now (hooray!). Onto some oven baked, sweet potato latkes.