Getting Paid to Eat Sushi

Sleep is God's way of saying "I love you". Yes, the rumors are true. I am in love with sleep (as the saying goes (not sure where the saying "how the saying goes" comes from, sayings don't really "go" anywhere, probably Joseph Heller): distance makes the heart grow fonder).

I also enjoy sushi. And when I was asked to shoot a Bar Mitzvah, and they were serving sushi, I jumped at the opportunity.

Before doing so I picked up this ridiculous inverted-dome looking device that fits over my flash to make the light a bit less harsh. It does weaken the light a bit but overall it looks much nicer than direct flash (that white face, harsh shadow look that screams: FLASH). Although it did make me look a bit less cool than I like, it did have this I'm-so-cool-I-don't-even-have-to-look-it appeal.

Overall I was satisfied with the job I did, though I wish I knew how to use the flash a bit more. Almost everything was shot in full manual mode with a lot of trial and error (more of the latter). The main thing I did learn (and an important lesson it is) is that flash is more for poor lighting than low lighting. In the beginning I was trying not to use flash as much as possible (which is doable with a fast lens and an awesome camera like the D700), and most of those pictures did not come out that hot.

Lesson #2: Getting good pictures is as much about good people skills than technical ability. Be comfortable, don't impose, be humorous (some wine helps) etc.

On to the pics.


The Three Musketeers (aka the three stooges). Cute family. (If I had my flash on a bracket, it would have been higher and wouldn't have had those nasty reflections on the glasses)


I wasn't set up for family portraits (they weren't planning on it originally). Ideally I would have an umbrella in front (to the side) and another flash hitting the wall to give some more separation. Next time.


Da Boyz




This kid was way too photogenic.


Dancing pics are new to me. No clue what I was doing.


And that's what happens when you don't use flash.


That's what happens when you do use flash.


And again.


Wow. My camera shoots in color! Actually most of the shots were in color, it's just the lighting was so bad (I.e. I did not control it enough) that black and white just looked better in many of the shots. I also went around to each table taking group pictures, but I never was a fan of posed pics so I'm not posting them here. Sorry.