When in Doubt, Shoot.

I know this is from a while ago, but I'm so excited about this new storyboard layout that I'm digging up some old shoots to experiment with.

This wasn't really a "shoot", it was a birthday party of a cute little mushball named Freida (namesake of the world famous freidafroo.wordpress.com , in which I scored a write up after sending over some photos). I had two of my kids wrapped around me most of the time so I didn't end up taking too many pics, and most were of my kids.

Big mistake.

If you know how to handle a camera and you happen to be at someone's party (unless you're a pro, in which case you're not reading this anyways:)) take pictures! The family will love you for it (and you could sell some prints). So I got pictures of the b-day girl and a few of her parents but not of all the other kids and families that were there (I was also shooting with a 50mm lens. Not very good for indoor parties, a 35 or even a 24 would have been much better). I'll know for next time.

Anyway here are the aforementioned photos. Enjoy.


Here's a link to my first write up,