Storytelling & Telling Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words.

What about two pictures?

When I started out with photography I was so excited about what a little knowledge along with a capable camera (and photoshop!) could do that I got lost in each picture. Each photo was tweaked, optimized, leveled, curved, balanced, straightened and cropped to its ultimate.

I wasn't in touch with what a picture is: a moment in time. And if the moment is taken on its own without context, it becomes lonely, shy, introverted and pimply. In short it shuts down. Becomes silent. And what good does a silent picture do?

Each picture tells its own story. And because of my workflow (editing each picture separately, with completely different outcomes) the pictures look great one by one, but dont fit together at all.

Two pictures aren't worth two thousand words. They are worth one million. Pictures that work together weave stories, express emotions and capture feelings.

Recently I've been working on telling stories.

What's yours?

We (the extended Berkowitz family) have a get together every month or so. Last week we hosted and here is the story (it's a bit long. I have to work on telling the story in fewer words (but not too few)).


planting a potato

more fun