Oscar + Sharon = Awesomeness {Orange County Jewish Wedding Photographer}

Wow. This was a while in the making. I shot this wedding last August (or somewhere around then), and just recently finished culling, processing and editing (I have gotten much faster since then). Almost every picture went into photoshop and I didn't know then that wedding pictures (or any event pictures for that matter) need to have consistent processing as they are usually presented together. So after I finished these I went back and redid them to match a bit better (especially the black and white conversions which were all over the place). Lesson learned.

Actually being my first wedding there were many, many lessons learned. Close down, move in, move out, check your exposure compensation, spot meter, fill flash, watch your remaining shots available on the card (biggie) etc. etc.

Sharon and Oscar were wonderful to work with. Oscar used to shoot weddings back in the medium format film days and helped me a bit with some lighting tips and such. Sharon had this awesome gown and Henna markings going on, and her family was really fun to shoot. (And the wine was good.)

The wedding was outdoors (quite a challenge for me) at Chabad of West Orange County in Huntington Beach.

Overall, while I see many things that I could have done better with I think I did a pretty good job for my first.

Thank you Oscar & Sharon for believing in me (even though I warned against it) and Carol for always vouching for me.

Warning: A lot of photos coming up.