WAPF + NTK + Jewlicious

In the past year and a half (or so) my wife (the fetching Mrs. Berkowitz) and I have been getting into a very healthy and organic lifestyle. We are very into traditional foods and food preparation and are very much of the opinion that food is more than the sum of its parts. Estee ferments much of our food, makes ridiculously awesome sourdough bread (ingredients: Flour, Water and a bit of Olive Oil), soaks all of our grains, and ferments deliciously effervescent Kombucha. We stay as far away as we could from processed foods, white flour, sugar and any refined oils. We love our saturated fats, whole raw milk, and succulent meats. We do not count calories, vitamins or any other attempt to boil down our nutrient needs to a number game. We don't read the nutrition "facts" we read ingredients. This is something I really believe in and will write more about some other time.

One of the people who helped us very much along the way is fermenter extraordinaire, maker of Kombucha, water conservationist, blogger, Yahoo group starter and repairer of worlds: Uri Laio.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a workshop of his at the Jewlicious festival in Long Beach. Twas a fun workshop with fun people. I give myself a blessing that all of my photoshoots should be this much fun.

All shot with my trusty Nikon D700 and new, old, new (my second, both bought used) 35mm f/2 el cheapo el awesomo lens.