St. Louis Wedding {Jewish Wedding Photographer}

Many years ago in a place far far away, there lived this wonderful family. A father a mother and a few little kiddos. One snowy morning a Rabbi and his family popped into town. It was love at first sight. And while eventually both moved to opposite sides of the continent they kept in touch. First via snail mail and telephones. Then by cellphones, email and eventually jetpack.

One fine day, son of said family met and fell in love with a wonderful girl from St. Louis. She said yes, he called dad, dad called rabbi and there was much rejoicing all around. Then dad calls rabbi's wife's brother, who's blog his wife's been following and asked him to photograph the upcoming celebration.

Rabbi' wife's brother was quite nervous, as this was only his second wedding and dad of bride was a photographer himself. After consultation with his wife and a beer or two, said brother if rabbi's wife agreed.

And what a beautiful wedding it was. Rejoicing, dancing, eating and only a bit of crying.

My shoulders were sore for weeks.

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Thank G-d the family was very happy with the photographs. What was funny is that during the event I got many comments about what a good photographer I was (I was all over the place, running around like a nut) and not one of them actually saw any of my pictures beforehand.

The part I was most worried about was the formals. I do not yet have that mush experience with that sort of thing yet. The dad was kind enough to bring some of his studio lighting and helped me out there. I am used to California where I could always go outside and find somewhere nice, but in St. Louis it was cold and miserable out there so that wasn't really an option. I'll get there.