Sarina's Bat Mitzvah {Los Angeles Bat Mitzva Photographer}

If I'm not mistaken this was not only my first time shooting a Bat Mitzvah, it was my first time actually at a Bat Mitzvah!

And what a party it was. The decoration and general awesomeness should be attributed to the great work of event coordinator Jenny Kdoshim.

Normally I write more, but I'll let the photos do the talking.


storyboard-comp-21.jpg storyboard-comp-22.jpg storyboard-comp-23.jpg storyboard-comp-24.jpg storyboard-comp-25.jpg storyboard-comp-26.jpg storyboard-comp-27.jpg storyboard-comp-28.jpg storyboard-comp-29.jpg storyboard-comp-30.jpg storyboard-comp-31.jpg storyboard-comp-32.jpg storyboard-comp-33.jpg storyboard-comp-34.jpg

Should I have posted this many photos? Probably not. Will I do it again? Yes. Why? Because I could. If you have any more questions (such as "where" or "how much") please let me know.