Friendship Circle Dinner

There is this wonderful organization run by Chabad of Newport Beach called "the Friendship Circle". It teams up teenagers with kids with disabilities. They play together, go out together, go to functions together, and just do what friends do. It does wonders for the kids and for the teens.

I had the oppurtunity to shoot one of their get-togethers (soon to be blogged) as well as this Dinner celebrating the all those involved in this amazing organization (especially the teenagers).

It was held at the Marconi Auto Museum (hence all the fancy cars), with the (delicious) food and layout done by the magnifique Pedouth Isti.

storyboard-comp-1.jpg storyboard-comp-2.jpg storyboard-comp-3.jpg storyboard-comp-4.jpg storyboard-comp-5.jpg storyboard-comp-6.jpg

Thanks for looking.

And one more for good luck. This one doesn't have any pictorial merit, but I do find it funny.

"1995 Ferrari F50...the F50 was created to show off the latest Tecnologies; its V-12 engine was based on the 1987 Ferrari F-1 car."