Shooting the Shoot {Soulwise}

As you may well know I love photography. All types. And while I say I'm a "natural light photographer" it is more of a "I-don't know-how-to-properly-use-flash-photographer" (that's just way too long and doesn't sound nearly as professional as the first option). Confiding as such to my photographer friend who works for this hotshot studio in Los Angeles, he offered to offer me help out in a shoot he was doing. It was a cover shot for the Soulwise magazine put out by the ever-magnificent Shmuel Marcus and Co..

And I learnt quite a bit. Mostly that studio equipment is ridiculously heavy. Shoots take time (a lot). And lighting is not that complicated (though lighting for constantly changing conditions like a wedding reception is a bit harder).

With me was my trusty Mamiya and a 45mm lens (and not so trusty light meter). All shot on HP5, processed at walmart and scanned on my Epson 700 (I got to figure out this dust issue). Oh, and for the record these are all the photos I took there. No masterpieces (that wasn't the point) but out of 9 shots, 9 were in focus and fairly well exposed (well...). I like that.

Most of the shots came out a bit underexposed, I don't think my meter (the built in one) likes bright lights. Lesson learned.

Who's who:

  • Levi Tenenbaum - hotshot photographer
  • Nechama Marcus - Design Genius (Creative Director of Soulwise)
  • Menachem Krinsky - Can I use design genius twice? Also a typography freak
  • Rabbi Hecht - Rabbi looking fellow (and author, talk show host, teacher...)
  • Zalmy Berkowitz - Shlepper