Beach of Seals

And here we are. After going on a blogging diet for the past few weeks (yet the blog has not lost any weight. I my have to rethink this one), I have a whole bunch to post over the next week or so. Keep your eyes posted.

This loverly family here was (and since has) moving to New York and wanted one last session before the upheaval (I think they said something about wanting to get away from earthquakes). You may remember them from a few months back.

It's a Friday, so I got to help in the kitchen or with the kids (or both, being that the kids like hanging out in the kitchen, but only when we're there and there's lots to be done).

storyboard-comp-6.jpg storyboard-11.jpg storyboard-comp-7.jpg storyboard-comp-8.jpg storyboard-comp-9.jpg storyboard-comp-10.jpg

And we all say: Amen.