Zalmy Berkowitz Likes Nice People

There. I said it. I have come out of the closet. I like nice people. Why? Because they're nice. They make me happy. They make my heart sing. They make everything groovy.

I also like roasted almonds, polaroids, apple, cottage cheese and schug, kombucha, old cameras, beer (I really like beer, I think I'll have my clients start paying me in beer), sunsets, sunrises, blue skies, cloudy skies, rain and snow (dear fellow SoCalites; snow is a sort of frozen rain in which one might slide downhill quickly, or roll up balls of the stuff and chuck it at random strangers or past romances). I like saturated fat.

In my photographic journey I have come from being über (it's so much easier to find the "ü" character on an ipad) scared of the sun, to majorly in like with it. I have learned (learnt for my backwards driving, queen loving, cross-Atlantic (and Pacific) readers. Canadians don't count) to tame the sun, to make okay photos into spectacular works of art.

And I have come to enjoy shooting events. I like meeting people (especially nice ones, see above) working off the cuff, and looking cool with all my photographic gear (which doesn't actually look cool).

When Sophia's mom got in touch with me about shooting her daughters Bat Mitzvah her email just oozed with friendly funfulness and I knew I'd have an awesome time.

I did.

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