Goodbye Steve Jobs

_DSC8717 It's odd how I feel today. I'm obviously a big fan of Apple and of Steve but I've never given too much thought about why.

I'm actually sad. I'm not grief stricken or anything, just a bit sad. And even the skies seem to be weeping a bit.

Steve was a modern day Dagny Taggart. A giant among men. A great man. Apple will go on but only if it embodies the vision of it's founder. Of one man. Apple was able to accomplish what it did (fundamentally change every industry it entered), because it didn't let it's success lead it down the rabbit hole of board room decisions, corporate decrees, and stockholders outcries.

One man changed the music industry, the phone industry and to a large degree the computer industry. He led a crusade for simplicity, for beauty, and for above all function.

Of course I don't agree with everything he did, but if he cared about what others thought of him Apple would have been dead 15 years ago and we'd be living in a world of thousands of buttons, dials, wheels, widgets, of clutter and plastic.

So I raise my cup of tea and say goodbye to a man who proved that man can be great, as long as he has a vision and the conviction to follow it.

Goodbye Steve.