Cassy + Chad + Film = Epic

I started my photographic journey around two years ago when I picked up my first SLR and a copy of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson (absolutely required required reading for anyone starting out with photography). After some time I was getting quite decent photos of my kiddos and people starting asking me to take pictures of their families. And so it grew. But I never really got the chance to work with people who were willing to give me a large chunk of time and be willing and able to pose for me (kids are great and all but you are very much limited to their whims). And in order for me to grow as a photographer and actually find my vision this is something I am going to have to do more often. My wife has some awesome friends from her high school days that were kind enough to help me out. Cassy and Chad are really cute people and make a beautiful couple. They grew up and live in Huntington Beach so I figured we'd keep it local and keep it real. Thanks! I have a lot to learn in regards to posing but I think I did a pretty decent job (though of course I see all the mistakes :))

Also, as of late I've been using more and more film and recently picked up a fantastic film camera (another one!!) so I wanted to try it out and see what it could do. This was my first all film shoot (I didn't even bring my digital camera). I did not yet have an external light meter (though I have bought one since) so I used the the built in spot meter and a good deal of guessing. My biggest mistake was loading a slower film at the end of the day (dork). Live and learn.

I was quite nervous as I've never done a shoot like this and I really wanted to make a good impression so I promptly locked my keys into my car, and had Chad drive me around (it's quite scary how easy it is for AAA to open a locked door). Good job Zalmy.

I'll be posting soon what it is I really like about film, but it seems like it's going to be in my bag for quite a while (and might even drive my digital equipment out for a bit).


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