Win a Free Photo Shoot

I'm doing it. Selling out. Buying friends and fans. And I love it. Here's what you gotta do to win a free, all expenses paid photoshoot by the ultra-fantabulous, uber-talented, and quite possibly the biggest bearded photographer within the nearest 100 miles:

  1. Go to my facebook page and "like" me. That's "like" not like.
  2. "Share" the post about getting a free shoot. That's "share". You don't have to actually share things.
  3. Comment on the free shoot post that you "liked" and "shared" and automatically (on your part, not mine. I have to take the time to actually figure out this whole raffle thingie) entered to win one of two free shoots.

Why two? you might ask. Well the first is to get lots of peoples checking out my work and spreading the good name of Zalmy Berkowitz Photography over all 4 corners of the cyber globe. The second is to prove that I'm not just doing this to get fans (which I actually am). And I like shooting. So the more the merrier.

What you get:

  • 2 hours (or more) of you and yours posing (i.e. doing your thing and having a blast) and me shooting.
  • Online gallery for you to buy prints.
  • Physical proofs (real prints!! 4x6.5 inchers)
  • 1 free 8x10 incher.
  • Quality time with the aforementioned me.
  • Love, Harmony, Peace, and Karma.

Rules, Regulations and tax exemptions:

  • You must be over 18 to enter.
  • Up to five people per shoot. Unless I really like you.
  • Time and place are up to me. Trust me (though if you have any cool ideas please fill me in).
  • I live in Southern California. If you don't live in these parts, and don't plan on visiting soon, please don't enter (though feel free to "like" and "share").
  • Your free shot is claimable for up to three months from drawing date. Unless you have a darn good reason for requesting an extension (pursuant to California tax code pf853a).
  • The actual drawing/raffle/lotto will commence at 9:43 PM Pacific Standard Time in the 2nd of November. Entries will be accepted until then.

To Summarize:

If you wanna chance to win like a free shoot, you gotta like 'like" my page and then, like, "share" this post and then you're like entered! (I'm from the OC so I was like taught to talk like this.)

And that's all folks!

And since no post is complete without pics, here are a bunch of random recent photos to whet your appetite (no eating little kids!!). photo-2-6.jpg photo-3-5.jpg photo-1-5.jpg photo-2-5.jpg photo-1-15.jpg photo-2-13.jpg photo-2-12.jpg photo-3-8.jpgphoto-4-2.jpg photo-3-7.jpgphoto-2-9.jpg photo-2-8.jpgphoto-2-11.jpg photo-1-7.jpgphoto-1-12.jpg photo-2-10.jpg photo-1.jpg photo-2.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-1-4.jpg photo-2-4.jpgphoto-1-3.jpg photo-3-3.jpg

Long Live Facebook!