Hello 2012. Meet Zalmy. You two are going to get along great.

2012.I remember as a kid thinking of the years past 2010 as "the future". We all expected flying cars and possibly jet packs by now. We (we, being me here. And being quite the anti-social, hide-in-a-book type of kid, I have no clue what others were thinking) never saw the Internet coming. And here's why: when we think of "the future" we tend to think of things we know about. And how they could be better (we already had cars and airplanes, flying cars was just a logical step). But something entirely new? Where do we even begin to start? Where does it come from?

Start blah blah: I'm not going to get into it here, but Kabbalah teaches that there are two main aspects of thought. Chochmah and binah. Chochmah is the conception of an idea, that flash bulb going off and binah is the ability to incubate the idea, to fully comprehend it and hopefully implement it. Chochmah is also the part of us that allows us to connect with things far beyond us. And the way to cultivate is is through what is called "bittul" namely, nullifying oneself (for lack of better word). It's the ability to step back from your own perceptions, prejudgements, and preconceived notions. To allow something that is completely foreign to your current state to become part of you. And paradoxically it's only then that we really experience ourselves. That we really find out who we are deep down. ... end blah blah

Being Jewish and all, we have our own new year (and own birthdays! And mine is tomorrow :)) however resolutions are always good, so I'll put down a few of my new year resolutions here and at the end (of the year, not the world) I'll post the results.

Physical: People assume I'm in shape. I'm not. I was blessed with a body that doesn't gain weight and can usually jump right into prior states of prior physical prowess without major downfalls. But I never exercise and I feel it. My back aches, and I'll pull a muscle or get a cramp scratching my back. So by the time the year is out I would like (well more like resolute) to: 1. Run a mile in under 6 minutes. Currently I haven't clue how long it would take, probably around 8 and a half. 2. Run a 10 kilometer in under 45 minutes (my last one came in just under an hour and that was 7 years ago in South Africa). 3. Do a cartwheel. As much as I have been able to do odd stuff in the past the simple cartwheel has always evaded me. 4. Do a backwards handspring. Why? Good question.

Photography: 1. Shoot an entire session at f/8 or smaller and kill it (good kill). 2. Take photos of 100 semi-strangers. As in people that I have to do with on a day to day basis but don't really know them (the barista, gas station dude, doctor, check out, cashiers, etc.) 3. Start (and finish) at least one large project that has no current financial benefit. Not for the good karma, but for being able to shoot without thought as to what people (or even me) expect. 4. To master the group photo (my current Achilles heel) both formal and casual. 5. To rock the off camera flash like a boss (even though stylistically its not really me now, I want that to be a choice, not a crutch).

Personal, emotional and spiritual resolutions are in the works. I'll save those for my birthday.

And because most people don't even read what I write and just come for the pics I'll start off the year with this yummy family session. I love how they came dressed exactly how they'd dress on any other day. It's like a slice out of their life that one day when we're old and wiser we could look back and remember exactly how their life was. Dirt stains and all!

Enjoy, and may this year be the best one yet. Hands down.

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