In The Beginning...

Wow. This one was special. Isaac and I grew up together, went to school together and even share the same Birthday! They asked me to shoot their first son's bris and I was quite honored. Thanks!! (and those rib's! mmmmm).

storyboard-113.jpg storyboard-116.jpg storyboard-115.jpg storyboard-117.jpg 03940025.jpg storyboard-118.jpg 03940016.jpg storyboard-119.jpg storyboard-120.jpg 03940021.jpg 03940022.jpg storyboard-121.jpg storyboard-122.jpg storyboard-123.jpg storyboard-124.jpg pic-12.jpg storyboard-125.jpg storyboard-114.jpg storyboard-126.jpg storyboard-127.jpg storyboard-128.jpg storyboard-129.jpg storyboard-130.jpg storyboard-131.jpg storyboard-132.jpg storyboard-133.jpg storyboard-134.jpg storyboard-135.jpg storyboard-136.jpg

For those who care about such things: Contax 645, 80mm, Kodak Portra 400 and a few with the Nikon F3, 28mm, Ilford HP5. Developed and scanned by Richard's Photo Lab (they are the best!).

Oh, and this was my first time only using film at an event. Yay!