Rachel + Yitzie // Los Angeles, CA

I have typers bock. It's a rare yet harsh malady where although one may have much to say, or even write, those tiny muscles in fingers refuse to translate the impulses sent by the brain into action. Instead somehow I end up in front of the fridge, wondering how long I've been there for.

So I grab a beer (or, if there isn't one in the fridge, I storm away fuming), head back to my computer and type with my toes. Yes, this blog was typed with my toes.

I also used seven cameras for this wedding. Seven. Why? That is a very, very good question. My back and shoulders would like to know the same.

Rachel and her family were part of our community since, well, I can't remember when we didn't know each other. It's amazing to see people grow up into truly unique and special people. Yitzi was always grown up. He may have been a child once but we only met a few months before the wedding, so I have no proof. I do know that he is über smart, witty, and kind. Not a bad combo. There's a lot to tell about this beautiful wedding, with beautiful friends, and beautiful families, but I'll let the photos tell the story.


000031390016-Edit2.jpg storyboard-20.jpg storyboard-21.jpg storyboard-23.jpg storyboard-104.jpg storyboard-52.jpg storyboard-109.jpg storyboard-28.jpg storyboard-29.jpg storyboard-30.jpg storyboard-31.jpg storyboard-32.jpg photo-1-6.jpgstoryboard-106.jpg storyboard-107.jpg photo-1-2.jpg storyboard-38.jpg storyboard-39.jpg storyboard-15.jpg storyboard-16.jpgstoryboard-103.jpg storyboard-41.jpgstoryboard-42.jpg storyboard-43.jpg storyboard-110.jpg storyboard-45.jpg storyboard-46.jpg storyboard-47.jpg storyboard-100.jpg storyboard-50.jpg storyboard-51.jpg storyboard-105.jpg storyboard-55.jpg storyboard-56.jpg storyboard-57.jpg storyboard-58.jpg storyboard-59.jpg storyboard-60.jpg storyboard-62.jpg storyboard-61.jpg storyboard-64.jpg storyboard-65.jpg storyboard-66.jpg storyboard-67.jpg storyboard-68.jpg storyboard-69.jpg storyboard-70.jpg storyboard-71.jpg storyboard-72.jpg storyboard-73.jpg storyboard-74.jpg storyboard-75.jpg storyboard-76.jpg storyboard-77.jpg photo-1-3.jpg storyboard-79.jpg storyboard-80.jpg storyboard-81.jpg storyboard-82.jpg storyboard-83.jpg storyboard-84.jpg storyboard-85.jpg storyboard-86.jpg storyboard-111.jpg storyboard-91.jpg storyboard-92.jpg storyboard-93.jpg storyboard-89.jpg storyboard-90.jpg storyboard-94.jpg storyboard-95.jpg storyboard-97.jpg photo-1.jpg

Zevi + Sandwich

This happened yesterday. Zevi: I want a sandwich with:

  • two breads. One on top and one on bottom (thanks for clarifying that. And that would be my wife's homemade sourdough bread)
  • Avocado
  • Block of cheese (as opposed to shredded)
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup (he'll grow out of this one)
  • Purple onions (later changed his mind to white one)
  • Purple sauerkraut (I like the green one also, but we mommy only made the purple one)
  • Tomatos (we didn't have any ripe ones so he chose cucumbers, also from the garden)

Thank G-d he didn't ask for a beer.

Now all this would be merely really cool, just for the fact that he's eating A. Real food. B. Really healthy food. But if you read my last post (if you haven't please do so now. I'll wait), you'll realize why I find it hilarious and scary at the same time.


photo-1.jpg photo-2.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-10.jpg photo-11.jpg photo-12.jpg photo-13.jpg photo-6.jpg photo-7.jpg photo-8.jpg photo-9.jpg photo-5.jpg

Eig8th Day

There's this Rabbi. His name is Shmuli Marcus. And he rocks. In fact he rocks so good, he started a rock band. It's a joint effort with him and his brother Bentzi, with a bunch of (very good) random musicians thrown in the mix.

He also is the Rabbi of Chabad of Cypress, creator of Farbrengen magazine (now Soulwise), runs a Hebrew High program (Hebrew school for high school kids) which is the model that many use when trying to start something similar, and does a bunch of other holy stuff.

A real Renaissance Rabbi. And a real (really) splendid dude. He also has the good sense to hire a hotshot photographer for the cover shoot.

The name if the band is Eighth Day, and they're pretty darn good. Check 'em out.

photo-9.jpgphoto-8.jpgphoto-7.jpgphoto-1-2.jpg storyboard-71423.jpg photo-10.jpgphoto-11.jpgphoto-12.jpgphoto-13.jpgphoto-16.jpg photo-15.jpg

This one is a crop of the above, and was my choice for the album cover. It wasn't chosen (probably for a good reason), but I still love it.


Here is what the final design looks like (designed by Uri Kelman)


After said shoot, we went back into the studio for some live action shots.

photo-1.jpg photo-2.jpg photo-3.jpg photo-4.jpg photo-5.jpg photo-6.jpg storyboard-69.jpg storyboard-70.jpg storyboard-71.jpg

I did get to hear parts of two songs. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Geekspeak: Shot on D700 (gasp), 28mm 2.8 (manual focus), 35mm f/2, Sigma 50mm 1.4